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It should be no surprise that you can choose from an extensive range of individual services. However, we also offer complete service packages. These are customized service contracts we draw up to support you in an intensive partnership. They guarantee consistently reliable and cost-effective operation of your plants.

Your holistic service package may contain our proven service modules.

Local experts

You want your automation supplier to be on the ground locally for a rapid response to situations such as malfunctions. That's why we are also represented in your region. We have branches in China, India, Italy and the United States with their own sales and processing capacities for electrics and automation. The structures in our subsidiaries are similar to those in Germany. So it's easy for our employees to identify their counterparts in the other organizations.

Furthermore, we have rolled out unified processes and identical tools.


Long-term service contracts

  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Remote support from back-office and global network of specialists
  • Remote system health check

On-site support

  • Trouble-shooting support on site
  • System performance tuning

Process optimization, e.g. implement new materials or new production methods

Updates and upgrades

  • Hardware obsolescence
  • Discontinued OEM support
  • System instabilities
  • Personnel fluctuations

Consulting for drive and power distribution systems

  • System analysis incl. complex measurements
  • Load study for power supply
  • Modernization concepts
  • Replacement of outdated systems

Plant audit

  • Inspection of plant areas and E&A systems
  • Detect wear / deterioration
  • Audit-Report incl. Update-recommendations

Spare parts

  • Lifetime support (end of life alert)
  • Approved alternative hardware
  • Delivery from SMS group stock, with tested and preconfigured parts


In-house and on-site training of:

  • Application software and engineering tools
  • Plant technology


  • Maintenance concepts for customer plants

X-Pact® Service Portal​ - Our platform for the expert diagnosis of your automation system

Whenever required and requested by the customer, the automation experts can promptly log in on the customer’s plant and equipment via the common X-Pact® Service Portal and even invite specialists from other disciplines to join in. This makes it possible to solve many issues right away, reducing overall costs and boosting performance. 

  • Front-end software including point-to-point encryption for secure data exchange​
  • Fast support for troubleshooting and scheduled activities​
  • Connection established by the customer​
  • Traceability of all service activities​
  • Transparent workflow​
  • Authorized access only​
X-Pact Service Portal

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X-Pact® Service support Europe (24/7):

Phone: +49 211 881 4444

E-mail: ea-service(at)


X-Pact® Service support India (24/7):

Phone: +91 124 435 1700

E-mail: ea-service(at)


X-Pact® Service support China:

Phone: +86 1360 1198 252

E-mail: ea-service(at)


X-Pact® Service support USA:

Phone: +1 412 237 8944

E-mail: ea-service(at)

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