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SMS group has a powerful setup in the world’s largest market for the production of metals. Our history goes back to 1904 and the supply of the first rolling mill to China. In the past 40 years, SMS group has played a major role in supplying high-tech plant technology, paving the way for China to become the world’s largest producer of steel, aluminum, and other nonferrous metals.

SMS group vows to localize in China more than 150 years of expertise. After fully acquiring Paul Wurth’s advantages, we own the whole value chain as the leading partner in the world of metals. As a supplier of lifecycle service, we support the domestic customers in all-around fields.



SMS group has been active in China since right back in 1904. What hasn’t changed over all this time is our commitment to offer customers life cycle support and assistance with all their daily operations and challenges.

The headquarters for the region are located in Beijing, supported by our offices in Wuhan and Shanghai. Thanks to the know-how and expertise that has been built up there in recent years, many projects are now being handled and sourced directly from China. To provide Chinese customers with life-cycle services, we have established two service workshops in Shanghai (26,000 m²) and Tianjin (14,500 m²). Included in the service portfolio are solutions ranging from spare parts to repairs and modernization, technical support, warehousing, consignment stock, teleservice, training sessions, and electrical and automation systems implementation.

China is also focusing on ‘green technologies’ with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in metals industries by 2060. SMS group will support China on this ambitious roadmap with solutions to decarbonize the production of iron and steel and new recycling technologies for all process steps.


  • Digitalization

    Digital transformation and innovation are our DNA.

    We are taking up the challenges of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 and develop innovative solutions that boost your business. Benefiting from state-of-the-art development methods, our software solutions for predictive asset health, product quality, production planning and energy management contribute in actively saving money, increase profitability and conserve resources.

    Use our digital technologies to turn data into information and information into value. The digital future has already begun.

  • Metallurgy

    SMS group fully acquired Paul Wurth in 2021. Paul Wurth Group is a leading market player for the design and construction of complete blast furnaces and coke oven plants. Since the establishment of Paul Wurth China in Beijing in 1999, we have been providing technology and equipment of BLT, INBA Slag granulation and dewatering system, GCP, PCI, HBS with external combustion chamber, TMT hydraulic clay gun and tap hole drill machine. Starting 2016, Paul Wurth China began to provide key technology and equipment of SOPRECO valve, stamping machine, coke expert level 2 automation system for coke making plants. Aiming at faster and more efficient services, Paul Wurth Shanghai factory has realized local manufacturing of key equipment of BLT and SOPRECO as well as providing equipment recondition and technical services. Paul Wurth Group is focusing on low-carbon ironmaking technology (blue blast furnace) to lead the transformation of the steel industry towards green steel.

    SMS group’s metallurgical technologies serve the Chinese market with a portfolio ranging from conventional BOFs and EAFs to unique Conarc, from the greenest SHARC to start of the art slab casters. It also offers an outstanding portfolio of plants for carbon and stainless steel slabs.

    SMS Concast Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the only wholly-owned subsidiary in China of Switzerland-based SMS Concast AG. It has a strong R&D, engineering and technical background in the field of long product continuous casting. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been committed to the business activities related to long product continuous casting in the Chinese market with exquisite business knowledge and flexible service.

  • Flat products

    Our Flat Products range from hot & cold mills to processing lines including heat-treatment furnaces for different applications, covering ferrous (carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper and lead) sectors. We have been actively contributing to China’s steel industry by participating in many significant national projects during the second half of the 20th century.

    CoE Flat Products China, headquartered in Beijing, has offices in Shanghai, Wuhan and Tianjin regarding sales, engineering and execution. Our professional and experienced local team focus on meeting customer satisfaction, driving market development and developing systematic solutions. We pursue constantly innovation and improvement, aiming at win-win cooperation with customers and partners.

    Our target is to provide systemized solutions of mills and processing lines with outstanding performance and advanced technology, while integrating expertise and resources within SMS group worldwide, thus contributing to the high-quality, green and intelligent steel manufacturing in China.

  • Long products

    The rolling equipment for long products supplied to Hanyang Iron and Steel in 1904 marked the initial business operation of SMS group in China. Into the 21st century, SMS technology and core equipment has escorted the substantial development of China’s high-speed rails.

    SMS group is well-known for delivering innovative rolling processes and tailor-made solutions, posing numerous successful applications globally for renowned customers. Thanks to robust mechanical design and sophisticated technological & electrical control system, SMS group’s equipment in this field features high rigidity, long lifetime and low OPEX, which, together with its rolling process, brings economical and ecological production for our customers.

    The portfolio of CoE Long Products China covers rolling facilities for wire rod, bar, section, tube & pipe, tube finishing and processing center of bright steel. Benefiting from the well-proven references of our latest super heavy section mill, PQF®-BCO, Precision Sizing Mill (PSM®, 3-roll block for bar and big size wire rod sizing), MEERDrive plus (SMS group innovative independent drive concept high-speed wire rod reducing and sizing mill) and laying head, SMS group consolidates its position as the leading partner for our customers in the sector of long products.

  • Forging plants

    Open die press, closed die press, ring rolling machine, extrusion press…The name list goes on. SMS keeps a huge variety of forging presses in our sleeves. Numerous and bountiful though, we can make each and every of it a perfection. In CoE Forging Plants, forging technologies and knowhow go through not a simple addition process but a multiplication, in which it grows and evolves into a much higher level by taking full advantage of each other while avoiding each other’s shortcomings.

    With the vigorous development of aerospace, automobile and other industrial fields, more and more forging plant owners hope to use high-end equipment to create more added value, especially in forging. But at the same time, investment cost is a very important factor for customers to consider. CoE Forging Plants China is committed to ensuring German quality design and localizing by the Chinese team, not only keeping the excellent performance and process parameters of the equipment, but also reducing prices which will enable more users to use high-end equipment to enter high value-added product market.

  • Electrics/Automation

    As one of the world’s largest system integrators in metallurgical business and with X-Pact® (Process Automation Control Technology), we offer the complete systems’ expertise out of one hand along the entire metallurgical process chain, covering all SMS products such as flat & long products as well as forging in ferrous and non-ferrous sectors.

    Leveraging SMS group’s 150 years of technological expertise, CoE Electrics/Automation China provides the customers with consultancy, engineering, equipment supply, commissioning services, technical support, maintenance and 7/24 service in the whole product lifecycle. From power supply, drive systems, over basic automation systems, technological control systems and level 2 including process models, up to intelligent manufacturing systems, we build strong foundation for SMS digitalization solutions.

    Our advantages are:

    • In-depth metallurgical process knowhow
    • Fully customized solution with local execution, engineering and service in line with German quality and standards
    • Over 20 years’ development in China with a strong setup of over 200 people at four locations, covering the Chinese market as well as supporting international projects
    • Ensuring fast production ramp-up curve through our “Plug and Work” integration test with 3D simulation
  • Technical service

    Whether you want spare parts, modernizations, tailor-made maintenance procedures, or customized training programs: the Technical Service of SMS group is ready at more than 50 locations around the world to offer you service packages geared to your requirements along the entire metallurgical process chain. It's due to the know-how of the entire SMS group that our employees provide the services you need and want - on schedule, within budget, and in the right quality. That means you can rely on the quality of our services as well as our global presence to reduce downtimes, boost productivity, and ensure the lasting value of your machinery and plants.


  • SMS Engineering (China) Ltd.

    Let us introduce you to SMS Engineering (China) Ltd. (SMEC), our workshop in Shanghai. It was founded in 2010 after completion of the first construction phase. The second phase was finished in March 2014. There was a new addition in November 2015 when our Zhangjiagang workshop moved to SMEC to provide a wider range of services. Building these extensions means SMS group now covers a broader spectrum, including specific manufacturing, repair, and revamping services worldwide – whether for spare parts or core equipment.

  • SMS Siemag Technology (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.

    Our Tianjin workshop, located in Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Area, was established in May 2012. The first phase of the Tianjin workshop occupies 14,500 m² of land and 5,600 m² of building space. It’s strategically located near several major highways – just 10 km from downtown Tianjin and 33 km from Tianjin airport.

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