ComForge® modules

ComForge® PassSchedule Calculator

With data on over 200 materials, the ComForge® forging technology suite has everything required for calculating relevant forging schedules for all customers. This provides plant owners with a comprehensive database for trouble-free and technologically proven forging processes. The automation system monitors and controls all the plant components, control devices and sensors. These include, for example:

  • Forging sequence from start to finish
  • Geometry of the deformation 
  • Forces and temperatures 
  • Time for each pass and the total forging process


ComForge® PassSchedule Analyzer

The PassSchedule Analyzer is employed for evaluating the captured process data from the SMX (such as speed, position, forces, etc.) to detect deviations between the planned pass schedule and the actual forging process. Following this, these deviations are compared with the intended pass schedule to determine if there are any significant impacts on material properties.


ComForge® Property Predictor

The Property Predictor is capable to predict the decisive workpiece properties within seconds. It is designed as stand-alone technology solution but can also be directly linked with PassSchedule Calculator. This allows, for the first time, a process design and optimization based on the final properties of the workpiece to become feasible.

Main features:

  • Calculation and visualization of the strain distribution along the cross-section of the workpiece
  • Calculation of the temperature distribution in the cross-section considering radiation, convection, tool contact as well as heating through dissipation.