Corporate management

Burkhard Dahmen

Chairman of the Managing Board and CEO

Torsten Heising

Member of the Managing Board (CFO)

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hansmann

Member of the Managing Board (CTO)

Michael Rzepczyk

Member of the Managing Board (COO)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt

Member of the Managing Board (CDO)

Shareholders' committee / Supervisory board

Dr.-Ing. E. h. Heinrich Weiss

Chairman of the Shareholders‘ Committee

Edwin Eichler

Chairman of the Supervisory Boards

SMS group GmbH / SMS GmbH

Regional management

SMS group has a regional setup for sales and project execution to create new market opportunities and drive growth based on a lean setup. Our five regions Americas, EuropeChina, Italy/Middle East/Africa, and India/Asia Pacific team up with our worldwide CoEs (Center of Excellence) for products and for services as well as with the CoEs for implementation and supply chain to make projects a success.

Doug Dunworth

CEO of Region Americas

Dr. Yu Sun

CEO of Region China

André Schneider

CEO of Region Europe

Sumendra Jain

CEO of Region India and Asia Pacific

Marco Asquini

CEO of Region Italy, Middle East and Africa

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