Brazil, São Francisco do Sul17. Oct 2023

From four to five-stand mill

In October 2023, we modernized the PL-TCM of ArcelorMittal Vega. With the expansion, the capacity of the PL-TCM increased by 640,000 t/year to a total annual capacity of 2,150,000 tons. But it was not just about increasing capacity. Also, the product portfolio was enlarged in order to produce ultra-high-strength steel strips for the automotive industry.

The pickling line/tandem cold mill supplied by SMS in 2003 underwent its first expansion in 2010, also by SMS. Now, the tandem mill received a fifth stand, which was integrated directly ahead of the existing cold mill. The modernization included the integration of a new coil preparation line and a flying shear. All these measures will raised the mill’s annual capacity by 640,000 tons to 2,150,000 tons.

The conversion of the PL-TCM was technically highly complex, with a very ambitious shutdown schedule at the same time. I am therefore very proud of the SMS team of specialists and what has been achieved together with the ArcelorMittal Vega.


Main data

  • Expansion from four to five mill stands
  • Increase of incoming strip thicknes from 4.8 to 6.0 mm
  • Increase of maximum rolling to 1,300 meters per minute
  • Modernization of pickling line
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