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The demand for energy and resources is continuously increasing, driving governments and organizations to play a crucial role in developing policies, strategies, and technologies that reconcile economic growth and environmental responsibility. Therefore, effective energy and sustainability management is of key importance to the metals and processes industries, with decisive influence on their cost efficiency and carbon footprint.

To increase and sustain competitiveness, industrial organizations must continuously invest in improving their processes, culture, and technology to identify inefficiencies, eliminate waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vetta hosts a center of competence for industrial digitalization based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with a clear focus on efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Since 2001, Vetta has consolidated a strong presence in the metals industry, delivering digital transformation solutions based on advanced technologies developed by Vetta itself or integrated from other vendors.

The company also specializes in artificial intelligence, including data-driven models for process efficiency, planning, and optimization. Aligned with the Learning Plant vision of the SMS group, Vetta’s 200-people team develops cutting-edge solutions for industrial customers worldwide, delivering digital products, custom applications, and consulting services. Vetta’s solutions follow the highest standards in performance, user experience, and interoperability while enhancing the problem-solution fit and delivering faster time-to-value. Vetta aims high and intensively collaborates with its clients to create superior and sustainable results

Energy and sustainability solutions by Vetta

New technologies drive the 4th industrial revolution and make various industrial operations more efficient and more competitive.

Energy and sustainability solutions by Vetta

Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite

Viridis optimizes energy efficiency, planning and management.

The Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite is an integrated solution for energy, resources, and sustainability management, which has been intensively proven in the steel, mining, and other energy-intensive industries. Viridis directly contributes to effectively implementing operational efficiency, optimized planning, and integrated management, delivering fast, concrete results, and enforcing a continuous improvement cycle.

Key features

  • Improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve energy conversion
  • Reduce carbon emission
  • Provide real-time recommendations, insights, and alarms to operators.

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