China, Rizhao01. Jan 2018

High-strength grades in automotive quality

Due to the high level of automation and digitalization, the PL/TCM of Shandong Iron & Steel Rizhao produces premium quality strip of a wide material range with a high portion of strips for automotive applications. The annual capacity is more than 2 million tons.

The pickling line/tandem cold mill has an annual capacity of two million tons and stands out due to several highlights such as the efficient turbulence pickling system as well as the five-stand tandem cold mill with new, combined CVC®plus/ESS technology for flexible roll gap optimization.

The pickling line/tandem cold is part of the flat steel complex of Shandong Iron & Steel Rizhao consisting of a slab caster, a push-pull pickling line, the hot strip mill, the pickling-line tandem cold mill and the three strip processing lines.

All plants are constantly linked to among themselves by the facilitywide, product quality monitoring system. Every process step is provided with quality-related information

from the previous stage, which can be used for alterations to the subsequent process step as well as quality-related decision making and documentation. Due to the high level of automation and digitalization, Shandong Iron & Steel Rizhao is able to produce premium quality strip, mainly for automotive applications.

The PL/TCM consists of entry section, turbulence pickling section, three loopers, a five-stand tandem cold mill, and is completed by an exit section with inline Rotary Inspect.

The pickling section comprises three pickling tanks, each having a length of 35 meters. The turbulence pickling section impresses with low maintenance and operating costs, low consumption of resources and high pickling performance along with first-class surface quality. Spray headers continuously spray heated acid into the shallow pickling channel thus generating extreme turbulences which maximizes the contact between the pickling acid and the complete strip surface. A patented immersion cover will minimize evaporation and associated energy losses.

Configuration of the Tandem Cold Mill

  • All stands provided with CVC® plus 6-high design, featuring Enhanced Shifting System (ESS)
  • Multi-zone cooling in the last mill stand for excellent flatness
  • Dry Strip system for minimized emulsion residues on the strip surface
  • Fully automatic and fast work and intermediate roll change < 5 minutes
  • Continuous exit section with carousel reel
  • Inline strip inspection station of the Rotary Inspect type
  • X-Shape flatness measurement and control system
  • Compactly designed emulsion plant
  • Complete X-Pact® electrics and automation technology package
SMS group has comprehensive technical and process know-how. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. In addition, SMS group has provided not only the mechanical equipment, but also the electrical and automation systems, which was a great advantage for us.


Turbulence pickling line
Trimming shear featuring fast knife change
The TCM is provided with automatic and fast roll change equipment
Main control pulpit
Carousel reel for perfectly wound coils
Rotary Inspect in inline arrangement
Compactly designed emulsion plant

Main data

Strip width 900 – 1,880 mm
Strip thickness

1.8 – 6.0 mm (entry)

0.3 – 2.5 mm (exit)

Capacity 2,067,000 t/year
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