China, Changzhou (Jiangsu Province)01. Oct 2021

BCO-type PQF® plant

The new PQF® (Premium Quality Finishing) plant of Jiangsu ChangBao Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd is one the world's most seamless tube plants in the world. This highly automated plant enables ChangBao to meet the growing demand for precise, high-strength tubes for use in oil and gas production (OCTG tubes) in accordance with API standards.

With the BCO-type PQF® plant (Bilateral Change-Over), the stands are changed at both sides of the mill. The compact, easily accessible construction enhances the user-friendliness of the plant. The drive is simpler in design and is easier to service. In addition, the hydraulic capsules (hydraulic adjustment) are positively connected to the mill frame. This ensures the rolling forces are distributed symmetrically over the mill, resulting in a further significant improvement in wall thickness variations. This increases both the efficiency and flexibility of the mill.

The order also included the full automation of the machinery and plant sections, as well as state-of-the-art laser technology for measuring the wall thicknesses downstream of the PQF® and the stretch reducing mill (SRM). What’s more, the CaliView® measuring system developed by SMS group allows for fast, inline calibration of all rolling mills, and so guarantees the perfect alignment of the mill line over a period of time. A networked, CNC-based groove dressing machine (KR) for high-precision machining of the SRM stands will also be supplied.

The use of LASUS® technology means the otherwise commonly applied radioactive isotope measuring technique can be replaced by a safe laser technology, which is extremely environmentally friendly to operate and ensures monitor control with the PQF®-SecControl-Technology® as well as front and tail end sharpening in real time with the FTS system.

Any yield losses are minimized using the latest modules in the CARTANEO technology system. The well-known functions CEC (Crop End Control for reducing thick ends), WTCA (Wall Thickness Control, Average), and WTCL (Wall Thickness Control, Local) have been significantly improved thanks to self-learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence, or AI).

With this investment ChangBao is banking on ultra-modern, highly stable tube production. The lower material stress allows the product range to be extended to include even thinner-walled dimensions and higher-alloy steel grades. The high level of digitalization of all equipment was what convinced the customer to be well equipped for the future.


PQF® (Premium Quality Finishing) plant
Mandrel retainer
PQF® (Premium Quality Finishing) mill

Main data

Tube diameter up to 6 5/8"
Wall thickness 4 to 20 mm
Capacity 300,000 t/year
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