China, Xiamen01. Jan 2012

Stainless steel slab caster

To Fuxin Special Steel SMS group supplied a stainless steel slab caster for an annual production of 720,000 t.

The range of grades produced by the steelworks comprises ferritic, austenitic, and martensitic stainless steels. They are processed on the continuous caster into 200 or 220 mm thick slabs. It's easy to set the slab width during casting to anything from 800 to 1,600 mm.


  • Electro-magnetic strand stirrer - engineered by SMS group
  • Slab store with slowed-down slab cooling
  • X-Pact® electrical and automation system

We also supplied the upstream steelmaking plant


Main data

Type Continuous single-strand vertical bending caster
Capacity 720,000 t/year
Ladle contents 180 t
Slab dimensions 200 /220 mm × 800 to 1,600 mm
Slab length 5.0 ‒ 12.0 m
Metallurgical length 25.8 m
Machine radius 8.0 m
Vertical length 2.5 m
Number of segments 12
Bending points

Multi-point bending and straightening

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