A fully equipped CMMS elaborated from software and plant experts

In order to maintain or improve plant availability over the long term, it is extremely important for the customer to use a plant-specific Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS®) data package for preventive maintenance and to visualize it in a maintenance software – a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). In the area of CMMS, SMS group is the leading partner to realize the individual goals of customers as part of an IMMS® in a holistic way. IMMS® is ideally suited as an interface between the digital system and the maintenance team.

Customer challenges addressed

  • High demand on availability, productivity, and quality
  • High inventory cost to provide spare parts for all possibilities
  • Cost intensive unplanned shutdowns
  • Long maintenance run up curve for greenfield plants

Key features

  • IMMS® can be implemented in every CMMS standard software like SAP PM as well as SMS group’s own software solution
  • Based on ME-RCM, all necessary preventive maintenance tasks are provided to have a fully functioning system on hand
  • The most efficient maintenance strategy and repair cycle is planned by SMS group's experts
  • In addtion to all preventive maintenance tasks, SMS group recommends the most cost-effective shutdown planning based on the customers and SMS group's experts
  • The warehouse can be managed in an efficient way as the stock level of spare parts can be reduced significantly
  • All configurations like user management, personalization, rights management are supplied by SMS group


  • Minimized unplanned shutdowns
  • Increased plant availability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Tied-up stock capital costs
  • Accelerated run-up curve (for greenfield plants)
  • Transparent maintenance costs
  • Minimized stock levels

Smart Maintenance Solutions

From isolated applications to a single data warehouse

There are different approaches, software products, and solutions regarding digitalization and maintenance. We help you to step in the right direction.

Our concept aims to merge all information from isolated applications to a single data warehouse. SMS group's Smart Maintenance Solutions will link the recorded production data with the real machine status. Relevant criteria will not only be registered but also identified and analyzed. Due to the modular system, both worlds – operator and OEM – will be united. They will be connected in one single data warehouse. Let us digitalize your plant maintenance – step by step.

Smart Maintenance Solutions

Your benefits

  • Analysis of software tools, data basis, and processes of plant maintenance
  • Recommendations for relevant data and improvement potentials
  • Basis for informed decisions
  • Data dictionary (optional)
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