Operation made easy

Monitoring the highly complex production processes in metallurgical and rolling plants demands the utmost skills of the operator. He must have access to all information relevant to his task so that he can decide and react swiftly and correctly – even in critical situations.

X-Pact® Vision HMI for the casting machine of the CSP® plant at Big River Steel, USA
X-Pact® Vision Control Station of the PL-TCM at Big River Steel, USA

Key features

  • A clear view of the production process
  • Comprehensible and intuitive
  • Operator in focus
  • Future oriented
  • Clearly structured
  • Ergonomic design
  • “Joy of Use”


  • Standardized HMI along different plants

    Consistently harmonized HMI design and interaction for all plant types

    In line with our common philosophy for uniform process guidance, also our HMI offers the same graphical appearance for all plant types of SMS group:

    • Consistent information display and operator guidance (independent from automation system)
    • Uniform color code and symbol usage
    • Identical menu structure
    • Dedicated positions for the same information
    • Tool-neutral implementation (WinCC, Web, WPF)
    • Use of faceplate technology including automation-independent, uniform visualization
  • Special features

    The user-friendliness of our HMI approach boosts efficiency, and ultimately also your operators’ motivation. Intuitive navigation, configurability, and context based operator guidance add the finishing touches.

    The special features are:

    Multi view: The multi-view displays up to 4 process screens at the same time in a smaller size


    • Use 2 monitors within 1 HMI Client computer
    • Only 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to operate both screens
    • Independent handling and configuration of both screens
    • A monitor exchange is implemented in the software

    Guided operation

    Comprehensive navigation

    Unit switch: The HMI system offers an online unit switch (metric units and imperial units): at runtime and client individual

    Faceplates with logic/bypass functionality: Click on the device opens a pop-up (so-called faceplate) with the detail status and diagnosis information and the option to bypass the conditions.

    Comprehensive diagnosis within HMI:

    Device oriented diagnosis

    • Alarm system (type / location / information text)
    • Faceplates (interlocks / diagnosis)
    • Process Traffic light (safety / system / media / …)
    • Data class 1 (area overview)

    Process oriented diagnosis

    • Sequence diagnosis screens
    • Drill down concept

    Maintenance oriented diagnosis

    • Device test screens
    • Resource column viewer

    System oriented diagnosis

    • Communication monitoring
    • Automation system
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