Academic knowledge, practical experience

An impressive two thirds of our academic recruits already had links to our company before getting a job here. Many of them completed practical training at SMS. Others know us through lectures we give, e.g. at RWTH Aachen University. There are good reasons why we make contact with you while you are studying. It means we can recognize your talent, support you, and introduce you to the practical world of work. Equally, you benefit personally and as a student. You already have a clear view of your future career. Here is an overview of our most important support programs for you. Please contact us personally so we can discuss your specific options with us.

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Dual study-and-work programs. Combine your university course with a trade or technical apprenticeship. During the breaks between semesters, you can work in your future profession. That means you get the benefit of both worlds. We make this possible with our dual study-and-work scheme. It gives you an income as well as practical support during your course. All you have to do in return is sign up to work for us for at least three years. Incidentally, after this time, all the graduates were taken on in unlimited employment contracts. We offer these dual study-and-work programs:

  • Mechanical Engineering / Design/Engineering: A three-year apprenticeship followed by seven semesters at the University of Siegen or the University of Niederrhein
  • Electrical Technology / Automation Technology: A three-year apprenticeship followed by seven semesters at the University of Siegen or the University of Niederrhein
  • Commercial professions: A three-year apprenticeship combined with evening and weekend studies at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management in Düsseldorf, Neuss or Siegen (qualifying e.g. as an Industrial Management Assistant and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Combined apprenticeship and study: You have the option of graduating in 4 years as a Bachelor of Engineering (University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein plus integrated apprenticeship in a trade or technical profession) or in 4.5 years as a Bachelor of Science (University of Siegen plus integrated apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic)

Internships / theses

Are you already studying or planning to study an Engineering or Business course? Then you should grasp the opportunity to get to know your future job at first hand. There is a whole range of internships to choose from. They offer either basic or specialist insights, or even individual content and time periods geared specifically to you. And if you want to write a great thesis, we help you tackle fascinating topics in machine and plant construction.

SMS scholarships

Are you studying Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Technology, Mechatronics, Business Administration, or Industrial Engineering? Do you rank among the high potentials on your course? Then we’d not only like to meet you, we may also support you with a scholarship. One of our mentors will also provide professional and personal support. And well before you graduate, we’ll offer you the right job that suits your abilities. Our scholarships are available for students at the universities RWTH Aachen, TU Clausthal, TU Darmstadt, and TU Freiberg.

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