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MET/Con GmbH

(Metallurgical plant & process consulting) a subsidiary of SMS group GmbH

Here's what you'll gain when you join forces with MET/Con - your partner for top quality:

  • More than 230 industry experts
  • Over 2.000 years of experience in production, automation, inspection, and metallurgy 
  • Expertise in aluminum and steel production routes in America, Europe, China, Korea, and Japan

Whatever consultancy services you need to succeed in producing advanced steel grades
and aluminum products, MET/Con delivers. Included are, for instance:

  • Automotive steel grades
  • Silicon steel grades for electrical applications
  • Weather-resistant ship grades
  • Pipe grades
  • Aluminum for automotive, aerospace, and can-stock applications

Our core team consists of specialists with a wealth of production experience. Also on board are experts in certification and qualification processes, former line operators and plant managers, plus metallurgists and process engineers from the aluminum and steel industries. All this ensures you'll stand out from the crowd and boost your profit.

Quality excellence


As a steelmaker, you need to consistently meet the growing expectations of various industries. That requires wide-ranging know-how about plant technology and operation, processes, quality assurance, and certification procedures. Essential for this is comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes and the documentation your customers require.

MET/Con provides the full range of consultancy services you need to be a successful and reliable partner.

Crucial factors for the production of state-of-the-art steel and aluminum
We have identified five keystones to producing high-quality steel grades. They form the basis for our full range of consultancy services that support your long-term success as a reliable partner to the industry.


Obviously, the right equipment is essential for high-end steel grades. We plan new plants meticulously after analyzing your purposes. What’s important for revamps is examining the capability of your existing installations to identify the optimum technical improvements.

This includes effective organization of the material flow, operations, and maintenance. It’s equally important to ensure the individual plants operate smoothly and to develop troubleshooting strategies. Another way of boosting efficiency is implementing standardized procedures, e.g. for documentation, quality management, and production planning.

Invaluable to you as a steel producer are grade books that detail formulas, preconditions, parameters, and treatment. Using them, you can rely on accurate descriptions of the operating processes and parameters required for your products. That includes the conditions for chemical analysis, steelmaking, casting, rolling, heat treatment, and surface treatment along the entire process chain.

Automotive manufacturers demand consistent, well-documented quality you can only achieve with tight production control. You need to know the test methods implemented as well as where and how often samples are taken. Seamless analysis, identification, and elimination of defects are vital. Finally, downgrading strategies for non-compliant materials reduce financial losses.

The last success factor is certification. Some certification procedures take place annually and require compliance with general quality standards (e.g. ISO9000) as well as specific industry standards (e.g. automotive industry: TS 16949). Next comes qualification and part approvals for individual manufacturers, which involves meeting a variety of customer-specific benchmarks and regulations. To make the grade here, you must prove you can consistently satisfy organizational standards and produce the material qualities required.

Core competencies

One of our core competencies is optimizing production processes to ensure you achieve the final aluminum and steel qualities your customers want.

You benefit from tailor-made assistance and services that guarantee shorter, improved material qualification processes. This is easy to manage with better audit preparation and production support. We also train your staff on your own plants, if you wish.

Core competencies image Core competencies image Core competencies image Core competencies image


Entire consulting for top quality

Know-how and technology packages image Know-how and technology packages image Know-how and technology packages image Know-how and technology packages image

Know-how and technology packages

  • Equipment, process and organization evaluation (fact-finding workshops)
  • Startup assistance
  • Continuous production assistance and process optimization
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Improvement of yield and cost structure
  • Extension of product portfolio
  • Hands-on training
  • Grade books (process and operation parameters of complete production route)
  • Qualification assistance
  • Certification support
Valuable, hands-on project assistance image Valuable, hands-on project assistance image Valuable, hands-on project assistance image Valuable, hands-on project assistance image

Valuable, hands-on project assistance

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project development and assessment
  • Tender support
  • Provision of medium and long-term operators
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Services

CFD simulations are an indispensable tool for the design of plants, processes and development of new technologies.



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