Operation and Visualization

Electrical and automation systems
The key role of the human element

Right at the heart of your plant is the control station. Here, everything comes together to ensure perfect running. It's where your operators monitor and guide the whole process.

Their link to the plant is our HMI system. It maps the production process and provides all the necessary information. Included here is a visualization interface developed by SMS group that draws on the human ability to perceive and process information.


The control station as the central hub

Easy operation and advanced safety

The control station's division into operating and analysis areas exactly reflects the activities of the operating personnel. Worthy of center stage, ergonomic design supports all activities in the X-Pact® Vision Control Station, with sound-proofing and light-dimming features preventing distraction.

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Innovative X-Pact® Vision HMI - easy to understand and intuitive

Our new HMI design makes it easy for your operating personnel to recognize and under- stand the process information at a glance.

  • Clear structures and screen layouts focus on the production process
  • Intuitive navigation through the various views and menus
  • Individual adaptability and context-sensitive operator guidance
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X-Pact® Vision mobile operation - process access on the move

  • The WEB-TMI ensures clear and intuitive handling of the TMI (Technological Machine Interface) - even on mobile devices.
  • Secured by a password-protected WLAN solution, access is possible from everywhere in the plant via the web browser.
  • All this makes the WEB-TMI the ideal information and control tool for managers and metallurgists.
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Process guidance - wizards, storyboards & intuitive operator guidance

Our automation is highly integrated in the plant. That's why our process guidance system on the HMI offers you invaluable assistance.

  • Wizards guide you step-by-step through the HMI procedures.
  • Using storyboards, you can configure your own interactive "live" help function and pass on specialist knowledge to your whole team.
  • The consistent implementation of rough-to-precise indications leads you intuitively to the relevant information.



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