Hot rolling mills for aluminum

Hot rolling
Flexible concepts for Aluminum strip and plate

You are guaranteed to benefit from our long-standing technological expertise in hot rolling processes for the aluminum industry. Out of this comes highly developed technology, automation and service packages that feature custom-designed solutions for all your wants and needs.


Reversing hot rolling line for plates

Main data
  • Production of plate
  • Width: up to 5.5 m
  • Thickness: up to 200 mm
  • Length: up to 35 m
  • Capacity: approx. 200,000 tpy
SMSgroup Plant Image

Compact single-stand reversing mill for strip

Main data
  • Production of strip (and plate)
  • Width: up to 3 m
  • Thickness: down to 3.5 mm
  • Capacity: approx. 150,000 tpy
SMSgroup Plant Image

Reversing mill for strip (1 + 1)

Main data
  • Production of strip and plate
  • Width: up to 3 m
  • Thickness: down to 2.5 mm
  • Capacity: approx. 250,000 tpy
SMSgroup Plant Image

Semi-continuous hot mill line for strip (1 + 4)

Main data
  • Production of strip
  • Width: up to 2.8 m
  • Thickness: down to 1.8 mm
  • Capacity: approx. 800,000 tpy
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Ingot preparation

Best surface qualities down to micron level even on hard aluminum alloys

What makes Knoevenagel® scalpers from SMS group stand out is their high rigidity. Not only that: they also effectively remove the oxide skin as well as any metallurgical impurities from the surface of ingots. Scalping the edges reduces the amount of trimming scrap generated in the subsequent hot rolling process. That also keeps the work rolls clean.

Reheating technology

Pusher-type reheating furnace

Efficient reheating and ingot handling

Our aluminum-ingot reheating furnaces are available in direct gas-fired or electrically heated pusher-type versions. Whichever design you choose, your furnace effectively reheats continuous or semi-continuous ingots before hot rolling.  You can also use it to homogenize ingots at  higher temperatures. Then, after homogenization is complete, the ingots are cooled down to rolling temperature. Installed here is a special air-guiding system that achieves uniform temperature distribution during both heating and cooling.

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Rolling technology

SMSgroup Image

Edging stand
Higher yield, flexible design

You want to increase yield by reducing trimming losses? Our edging stands are perfect for this job.

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Transfer bar cooling
Cooling boosts production

The beauty of transfer bar cooling is that it boosts output.

SMSgroup Image

Mill stand actuators
for close plate and strip tolerances

Our mill stands come equipped with powerful actuators so you can produce hot strip and plate to close thickness and profile tolerances.

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Work roll brushes
Excellent surface quality

You can rely on our work roll brushes to keep your rolls free from aluminum oxide pick-ups.

SIEFLEX<sup>®</sup>-HT gear-type mill drive spindles Image

SIEFLEX®HT - high capacity spindle

Our SIEFLEX®-HT gear-type spindles are engineered to transmit ...

SMS giant torque spindles Image

SMS giant torque spindles

As a result of systematic developments in materials, geometry, and the tribo-system, SMS giant torque spindles ...

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