Easy operation with 3D laser tracker and intuitive software

You probe all aligning-relevant objects with the light-weight reflector and the lasertracker determines their exact position in three dimensions.

HD LASr records the measuring information automatically in short time and issues digital measuring reports - clearly legible and at the same time reliable. You get immediately the information on the necessary mechanical measures for aligning the objects in the optimum position.

Even with a large number of measurements you keep track of all the reports in a well-organized archive.

  • 3D-measurement of copper plates and foot rollers
  • Determination of foot roller diameter
  • 3D-scan of copperplate surface for wear evaluation with automatically generated wear report
  • 3D-measurement of rollers, lateral guides of loose and fixed sides, spacer plates, water connection plates
  • Exact alignment to the actual line of contact between roller and strand
  • Determination of roller diameter
  • 3D-scan of installed strand guide: copper plates, foot rollers and segment rollers
  • Determination of segment transitions