Germany, Dillingen02. Dec 2021

Syngas for blast furnace production

Launching the production of syngas, SMS group company Paul Wurth has put into commission a pilot coke oven gas dry reforming plant in Dillingen at ROGESA Roheisengesellschaft Saar mbH.

The start-up of the plant means Paul Wurth can test its new reforming process using real industrial gases.

This technology forms a key component of Dillinger’s and Saarstahl’s H2SYNgas project. H2SYNgas is a development project by Dillinger based on Paul Wurth technology which focuses on syngas production and injection into the blast furnace. Syngas is a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide which acts as reducing agent to transform the iron ores charged into the furnace.

The aim of this development is to maximise the reutilization of steelmaking process gases, namely blast furnace and coke oven gas in the steel production process. The end goal is to lessen the use of coking coal.

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