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Redefining performance

SMS Insights 2024-01

"Redefining performance" is on the cover of the new edition of SMS insights. When we deliver a plant, it is only the beginning of a more indepth partnership as we work together to create solutions for the many challenges in today’s increasingly complex industrial world. We do this with the goal of delivering sustained added value by fusing automation, digitalization, and technical services. If you’re curious about what that looks like, this issue includes a number of success stories from around the globe.

What else to expect? A look behind the scenes of the thyssenkrupp green steel project, an interview with Hybar CEO David Stickler, an in-depth look into CSP Nexus technology, the Integrated Operating Center at Daye Steel, and much more. Enjoy your read!

Redefining performance

  • “Instead of merely selling products, we work with our customers to develop solutions”. Interview with Jan Heimann on the lifecycle approach.
  • A visionary collaboration. A new project with SSAB is about more than technology.
  • How we build the green future of steel. thyssenkrupp Steel is one of the most ambitious projects of our history.
  • Visionary: Steel from the sun at Hybar. Interview with Hybar’s CEO David Stickler
  • CSP Nexus: A new era 
  • World’s largest continuous ERW tube welding machine
  • “ESG is about doing better every day”. Interview with SMS group’s CFO Fabíola Fernandez.
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