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Melting steel at 1,800 °C, casting slabs weighing several tons, rolling at amazing speeds into mirror-finish strip – we are fascinated anew every day that we command these gigantic processes. Do you share our passion?

Then join us to develop new creative ideas. Install new plants with us around the world. Work toward success in our teams and achieve your goals. Whether you are a specialist or manager, a graduate straight from university, a student or an apprentice – we nurture your talents. After all, our employees are our most valuable asset. Find out here what exciting professions and career opportunities as well as what training options we offer you. And above all: What kind of people you will work alongside.

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working for SMS group

What’s it like to work for SMS group and how does it feel? What tasks can you expect, who will you meet? Our corporate video gives you an impression of our world.

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Our career ambassadors

Want to know more about your field and the options you have for joining SMS group? A good way to find out is from one of our career ambassadors.

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SMS group career portal

 Go to our career portal for all current job offers at a glance.


Career and family

Motivated by current demographic development and changes in society, we actively promote a balance between work and family at SMS group.

Healthy and fit

There are plenty of opportunities at SMS group GmbH to engage in sports and promote health & fitness.

On-the-job training / SMS Akademie

Our SMS Akademie is devoted to encouraging and developing your professional and personal potentials. Available here are seminars, talks and discussions on a wide range of topics. We listen to our employees when deciding what content we tackle.


SMSgroup Müller, Anja

Anja Müller

SMS group GmbH
Eduard-Schloemann-Straße 4
40237 Düsseldorf

Phone : +49 211 881-4433

SMSgroup Gottschalk, Tim

Tim Gottschalk

SMS group GmbH
Ohlerkirchweg 66
41069 Mönchengladbach

Phone : +49 2161 350-1367

SMSgroup Lattek, Rainer

Rainer Lattek

SMS group GmbH
Wiesenstraße 30
57271 Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch

Phone : +49 2733 29-2752

SMSgroup Schledorn, Bernd

Bernd Schledorn

SMS group GmbH
Wiesenstraße 30
57271 Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch

Phone : +49 2733 29-2581