Bar and wire rod mills

Hot Rolling

What's special about our bar and wire rod mills is not only their high flexibility, but also their proven reliability. There is an array of products our state-of-the-art mills can manufacture in one mill: angles, squares, flats, channels, rounds, and wire rod. This top versatility also means you can efficiently produce all sizes, materials, and alloys.

Plant types


Main data
Capacity: 700,000 t/year
Furnace capacity: 130 t/h
Billets: Sq.170mm/sq.150mm/6m-12m
Steelgrades: Low to high carbon, low alloy, free cutting, spring, ball bearing, CHQ
Finishing sizes:
SBQ cooling bed
Ø 20 - 100 mm up to 15.0 m/s

Bar in coil
Ø 20 - 55 mm up to 15.0 m/s

Wire rod via LLC®
Ø 5.5 - 25 mm up to 120 m/s

Bar cooling bed
D 8 - 40 up to 41.0 m/s
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Rebar Mill

For producing rebars with lower operational cost and to increase the efficiency we have our High Speed Delivery system HSD® available, which allows to run with 45m/s onto the cooling bed. Compared to the traditional slitting method, conversion costs can be saved in the range of 6 to 13 Euro/ton. The Vertical Compact Coiler VCC® is todays state of the art solution for producing compact and torsion-free coils - exactly what more and more rebar processors are requiring for automatic handling in cut and bend machines.

Rebar mill - Image


Precision sizing mill (PSM®)

Advanced 3-roll technology with adjustment under load

There is nothing new about hydraulic adjustment under load. It's a standard feature in most modern rolling mills - such as flat, rail, section, or seamless tube rolling mills. The way we integrate this technology in our PSM® makes the most of its strengths.



New: online measuring system with light section technology

The new measuring gauge at the exit side of the 3-roll block applies light section technology. Using our laser/image technology, four sensors perform synchronous, contact-free measurements over the entire cross section of the bar. There are no moving or oscillating parts, making the system almost maintenance-free. It achieves a scanning rate of 500 scans per second. That's why the system can produce a true-shape cross-section from up to 400 synchronous measuring points in a shared coordination system. You can see the result displayed with utmost precision.

MEERgauge® Image

Electrical and automation systems

Controlled Cooling Technology (CCT®)

Cooling line automation

There are two versions of our CCT® system:

  1. The CCT® offline system for simulating the temperature gradient in the mill and calculating setpoints for the water cooling boxes and blowers.

  2. The CCT® online system for controlling the given parameters by performing online changes in the water cooling box and blower setup.
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Quiet revolution in wire rod production

Our MEERdrive® technology makes roll ring management significantly easier, offers exceptional pass design flexibility, and minimizes maintenance. Precise rolling process control guarantees the required end product properties. Our system also optimizes roll ring utilization and slashes energy consumption. Why? Because individual motors operate much more efficiently than group drives.

Controlled cooling technology image


Spare parts & logistics

High reliability, high precision - our bearings for wire rod blocks

Plain bearings and high-precision bearing in wire rod mills have to cope with extreme stresses because they are subject to high rotational speeds and dynamic loads. To take the strain, our bearings are precision-fitted and designed for maximum service life. That ensures top process stability.

Special plain bearings for wire rod blocks image

These bearings also feature tin coating which protects them against corrosion and at the same time reduces sliding resistance. The hydrodynamic design means an oil film provides perfect lubrication during rotation between the bearing body and the part supported. Also featured is an oil groove in the unloaded bearing half which ensures uniform lubricant distribution.

Our product portfolio includes cylindrical and "lemon-shaped" bearings to cover a variety of load/speed combinations - high loads and low speeds (cylindrical) or high speeds and low loads (lemon-shaped). Specific to the high- speed plain bearings are a loaded and an unloaded half. To make their integration even easier for you, they are compatible with wire rod mills from other manufacturers. So you can use SMS group plain bearings in existing plant components without any design or mechanical modifications.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • High reliability due to OEM quality
  • Top vibration damping
  • Low friction, long service life
  • Heat dissipating and heat resistant
  • Lead-free anti-corrosion layer
  • Compatible with wire rod mills from other manufacturers
High=precision bearings for wire rod blocks image

Roller bearings support axles, shafts, and bevel gears in wire rod blocks securely and accurately. They ensure precise, low-friction, low-vibration rotation of the components. This is an application where roller bearings have to meet special requirements. That's because the finishing block roll stands in particular transmit extraordinarily high speeds and torques through the drive train.

Precise, stable, and highly effective image

We manufacture our roller bearings to high precision standards so they accommodate the necessary axial and radial loads.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for top rolling speeds
  • Low-friction, low-vibration rotation of mill components
  • Precise axial guidance of work rolls
  • High-precision design for longer service life
  • Top-quality original parts, available from stock
  • Compatible with blocks from other manufacturers


High-speed production in wire rod mills

Applying today's most advanced guide technology in your wire rod mill gives you a real competitive edge. That's because the trend toward ever-faster rolling requires precise and reliable guiding of long products. Associated with that is easy, quick adjustment of the guide equipment. MEERguides® meet these high demands with their robust structure and simple, precise setting. Truly innovative here is the sophisticated design which ensures the guides operate efficiently and effectively. They accommodate rolling speeds in excess of 120 m/s, with finishing sizes ranging from 4.5 mm to 26 mm.

Precision for bar mills

Growing demands on the tolerances and surface finish of rolled stock require ever better mechanical equipment. To guarantee top performance, quality, and reliability, we continually analyze and improve our MEERguides® for bar mills. This much is certain, even in tough production environments, the stainless steel structure and robust design ensure reliable production. You can rely on precision guidance of product dimensions from 6 mm to 130 mm in diameter.

What you get

  • Simple, robust design
  • Suitable for any wire rod block

Your benefits

  • Precision guiding 
  • Fast setup
  • Long service life 
  • Low inventory

Maintenance tools

Effective and economical maintenance


The Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) is a combination of a CMMS software and valuable data based on decades of SMS experience. From elaborate analyses and existing documents, SMS creates a plant specific, customized package of component- related maintenance strategies for technically and commercially effective maintenance.

IMMS® - steps required for a complete maintenance system

Maintenance tools image

Emergency Support

Remote service

Remote access to the machine control system for fault analysis is possible only after authentication by the customer. Direct analysis and evaluation of the operating parameters are performed online by the SMS Service employees. They can easily identify defects and malfunctions and initiate measures for fault elimination. Remote access also allows the system software to be updated. Naturally, the installation of the necessary hardware and software for the remote access is already included in the remote service.

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Our services

  • Installation of software and hardware
  • Identification of faults, defects and malfunctions 
  • System update and fault elimination per remote access
  • In case of plant failure competent assistance by experts

Your benefits

  • Shorter reaction times
  • Rapid identification of necessary maintenance and repair measures
  • Reduction of maintenance costs


Warehousing at ArcelorMittal, Duisburg-Ruhrort, Germany

The task: To set up of a consignment warehouse for spare and wear parts objectives

  • No warehouse, personnel or spare parts investment cost, payment only when parts are withdrawn
  • Pay upon demand out of operative cash flow
  • Warehousing risks born by SMS group
  • 24/7 availability
  • Provision of warehouse-staff for parts issuing 7 days per week
Warehousing for a wire rod mill image


  1. Supply of warehouse management system
  2. Supply of sufficient warehouse facility and fit out
  3. Development of warehouse processes
  4. Regular reporting about spares issued and remaining stock levels 
  5. Refilling and maintaining of previously defined stock levels


  • Availability without investment costs
  • Web based documentation for simplified parts identification and ordering 
  • On-line access to prices, delivery times and availability
  • Access to global sourcing network of SMS group


MEERtying 2.0
HSD® - High Speed Delivery
VCC® - Vertical Compact Coiler
PSM® - Precision Sizing Mill
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Wire Rod and Bar Mills
Rolling Mills for Long Products


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