New steel products need new casting processes

Forget bending or straightening

Protected from reoxidation, the liquid steel is poured from a conventional ladle into a covered tundish. Then it goes through a submerged entry nozzle into the preheated feeding system. Then the steel flows onto the moving horizontal mold consisting of the conveyor belt and internally cooled side dams. There is an inert gas atmosphere above the conveyor belt to protect the solidifying steel. Finally, at the rear end of the caster, a defined gas mix directly influences the solidification structure.

New steel products demand new casting processes:

  • Lightweight design und safety based on high energy absorption
  • Customized product properties
  • New engineering and design options for components

Extremely versatile, these casters combine with both BOF and electric-arc-furnace melt shops. What's more, we tailor your BCT® installation to your particular needs. You can produce medium-wide strip in the same way as hot-rolled wide strip – in small, medium or high production capacities.