Process automation for rolling and processing of aluminum

Our next generation X-Pact® electrical and automation system for aluminum rolling mills is especially dedicated to the process requirements of aluminum production. Adapted to the challenges of the future, it provides our customers with direct benefits such as operator guidance, ease of maintenance, stability, ergonomic design and efficient trouble shooting, all of which result in the minimization of production losses.

The intelligent linking of our basic and process automation technologies and the adaptation of the newly developed integrated technological solutions to the aluminum rolling process have contributed to a significant functional expansion of our next generation X-Pact® solutions on the way to X-Pact® Lights-out.

X-Pact® PLUG AND WORK Integration Test for MA'ADEN, Saudi Arabien


  • Power supply and drive systems for greater sustainability
  • Innovative measuring systems and instrumentation
  • Modular basic and process automation packages with process and production models
  • Digital commissioning of automation systems during the X-Pact® Plug & Work integration test
  • Innovative X-Pact® Vision HMI-concept for smart operation and visualization
  • New standard for the future automatic control with X-Pact® Process Guidance
  • Diagnostics for startup, devices, sequences, safety, and plant operation
  • Quality monitoring and condition analysis for predictive maintenance
  • Fast start-up and commissioning
  • Perfect infrastructure for remote support with X-Pact® Service

OT products and solutions for aluminum hot and rolling mills

X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®)

Physical based process model for perfect set-up generation

X-Pact® Yield Optimizer

Enhanced technological controls for improved yield

X-Pact® Total Roll Gap Control (TRC®)

Assistant for minimized off-gauge by full automatic strip threading

X-Pact® Profile and Flatness Control (PFC®)

Optimum set-points for the actuators of CVC® plus system and the bending system

X-Pact® Mill Stand Control

Technological control system to ensure highest product quality

X-Shape Flatness Measurement and Control

Reliable and precise flatness measurement and control

X-Pact® Advanced Thickness Control

Cutting-edge control methods for best strip thickness tolerances

X-Pact® Temperature Control

Temperature wedge compensation by constant speed adaptation

X-Pact® Active Chatter Damping

Overcome production restrictions due to vibrations in cold rolling

X-Pact® Coiler Control

Best product quality and high process stability during strip winding on up- and down coilers

Extened Bending System (EBS)

Highest accuracy during Electro Discharge Texturing (EDT) rolling

Inductive heaters

Optimized flatness over the complete strip width

X-Pact® Superior Control

Expert system for selection of optimal product change strategies

X-Pact® Hot Start Assistant

Fully automatic rolling start under challenging condition

X-Pact® Profile Distribution Optimizer

Automatic, online flatness set point correction

Control room of the cold rolling mill at Maáden Alcoa Aluminum, Saudi Arabia
Control room of the hot rolling mill at Maáden Alcoa Aluminum, Saudi Arabia
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