Plant-wide solution, including all energy and resource flows.

It is necessary to go beyond conventional monitoring of energy and resource flows to reduce energy and resource consumption in industrial processes. Instead of endless feedback loops, energy efficiency should be tracked continuously and in real-time. To reduce deviations in specific consumption, action must be taken as soon as a digital system detects them in a standardized way to ensure process performance. 

Tracking dozens of energy and resource flows for a process or piece of equipment requires an intelligent system to automatically track operational events and analyze the performance of hundreds of pieces of equipment distributed across one or more sites. Process variables, equipment settings, raw material analysis, product characteristics, and many other factors alter the behavior of individual pieces of production equipment. For real-time energy efficiency to be effectively enforced, such an intelligent system must learn how each piece of equipment behaves under different conditions and be able to recommend appropriate countermeasures and operational best practices.

Conventional monitoring is no longer sufficient today. It must be complemented by automated event generation that triggers immediately actionable recommendations for operators when inefficiencies are detected. Viridis Performance covers various aspects of energy management and optimization for hundreds of plants simultaneously and in real-time, from the operator to the executive level. This application provides integrated energy and resource tracking, collects vast amounts of low-level data, and provides performance management capabilities with KPIs, analytics, targets, events, alarms, efficiency initiatives, and embedded best available techniques and operating procedures. It promotes standardization and enforcement of operational know-how, quantifies financial losses, and provides a single source of information on plant performance, and all energy and resource flows.

Key features

  • Increased efficiency and accountability across the organization
  • Increased transparency and governance of energy and resource utilization and efficiency metrics
  • Reduced energy and resource waste
  • Improved energy and resource efficiency without equipment modification or production disruption
  • Enforcement of process standardization and operational know-how
  • Measurement and verification of efficiency initiatives
  • Support for process certifications such as ISO 50001
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