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To provide quality products and superb service, we ensure the highest standards over our entire value chain. Just like us, our suppliers are devoted to consistent high quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation, plus competitive prices and solutions. Even more, they are committed to transparency and ready to support our processes and systems. What our strategic suppliers can expect from us are significant order volumes and cooperation based on partnership.

We apply a standard selection procedure for future supplier relationships. The first step for you if you want to become a new supplier is to register on our portal, giving your basic data.

Please use the following link:

If we're interested in working with you, we proceed to the second step. This means we send you login data so you can access a supplier self-information form. Once you have filled out the registration form and received your personal login data, you can log in and complete or update the questionnaire.

Finally, in the third step, we forward your data to our Strategic Purchasing Department. Our staff evaluate your details and check them against our current requirements. Then, if we see potential for a cooperation, we'll contact you directly.

Our range includes

  • Mechanics: power/motion transmission, bearings, standard parts
  • Fluid systems: aggregates, tanks, cylinders, tubes, hoses, valves, fittings, pumps
  • Electrical and automation systems: energy supply/distribution, industrial drives, automation systems, hardware and software, measuring systems, instruments
  • Sub-contracting: machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, coating
  • Drawing parts: single machined items
  • Raw materials: castings and forgings, semi-finished parts, ready-to-install parts
  • Procurement: complete machines and plant components
  • Services: design engineering, assembly/commissioning, packaging, shipping
  • Indirect materials: tools, hardware and software, workwear/protective equipment, office supplies, facility management, energy (rating of the procurement is partly based on the energy performance - energy use, energy consumption, energy efficiency).

Supplier Idea Management Portal

New ideas For better solutions

SMS group and their suppliers are constantly working on improvements at all cooperation levels. No matter whether there are ideas for processing or product features, for supply processes or ecological correlations – we are always happy to receive your feedback.


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