Tandem cold mills

Cold rolling

High performance rolling for efficient production of advanced steel grades

From batch to fully continuous operation

Producing high quality strips in volumes between 0.9 and 2.5 million tons per year poses a huge challenge. Perfect for such an operation are SMS group tandem cold mills - our powerful flagships in the cold rolling sector. You can operate them in either batch or continuous mode as CTCM. Optionally, it's possible to arrange them inline as coupled pickling line tandem cold mills (PL/TCM). The large number of plants we have built, especially for very wide strips, reflects the trust our customers worldwide place in our proven plant technology. We constantly improve our cold rolling technology, so you can also produce the latest material grades accurately and cost-effectively.


pickling line tandem cold mill (PL/TCM)

pickling line tandem cold mill (PL/TCM)
Central to the PL/TCM is the direct coupling of pickling and rolling. This ensures a continuous production flow. The main units on the entry side are: a pay-off reel, laser welding machine, tension leveler, turbulence pickling line, and several horizontal strip accumulators. Next in line is the mill section consisting of several mill stands in CVC® plus design and a continuous exit section with drum shear, double or carousel reel, and Rotary Inspect.
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Continuous tandem cold mill (CTCM)

Continuous tandem cold mill (CTCM)
What defines the continuous tandem mill (CTCM) is a continuous entry section featuring a pay-off unit, welding machine, and strip accumulator. All this is necessary to ensure an unbroken production flow. Typical exit-side installations are a drum shear, tension reel, and Rotary Inspect.
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Tandem cold mill (TCM)

Designs for high production

Crucial for large batch sizes is a continuous production flow. Further benefits for you are smooth production flow, low roll wear, high yield, and consistent product quality.

Especially in Europe, America, and Russia, there are many batch TCM in operation. That's no surprise, because this mill type comes with considerable advantages for flexible production planning. To increase the yield of batch mills, we have developed a number of trend-setting technical features in recent years. Included here is our threading assistance system TRC®. Using our engineering expertise, we offer you customized, efficient greenfield or revamp designs to ensure you get the most out of your mill. Needless to say, we can easily retrofit all our newly developed features.

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High performance tandem cold mill image

High performance tandem cold mill

High performance tandem cold mill design - All in one solution for efficient cold rolling

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Superior design and actuators for roll gap setting

Outstanding CVC® plus 4-high and CVC® plus 6-high designs for better yield and quality, proven by more than 800 installed systems:

Twin reel image

Twin reel

Compact - strong - accurate
Twin reel: our new continuous exit section reel type for TCM

SIEFLEX-HT gear-type mill drive spindles image

SIEFLEX®-HT gear-type mill drive spindles

Our SIEFLEX®-HT gear-type spindles are engineered to transmit ...

Multipurpose mill CVC plus M 18/4 image

Multipurpose mill CVC® plus M 18/4

Flexible production of soft and high-strength material in a single mill

Rotary inspect image

Rotary inspect

Rotary Inspect gives you reliable, ergonomic and efficient strip surface inspection

Total roll gap control (TRC) image

Total roll gap control (TRC®)

Total roll gap control (TRC) - thread in and tail out assistant for lower off-gauge lengths and high yield.

X-Pro® laser welder

Fast, safe, and successful welding of challenging steel grades

Precise, fast and reliable. The X-Pro Laser welder from SMS group for continuous production of difficult-to-weld steel grades.

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X-Roll® Oil Bearing

Hydrodynamic roll-neck bearings from SMS group are highly advanced and elementary components of modern rolling mill technology. That's because they support the load-bearing backup rolls. Even under extremely tough operating conditions, they ensure long roll service life and minimal maintenance outlay. This is how roll-neck bearings contribute substantially to meeting the high requirements for optimal final strip geometry.

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Selected References

Electrical and automation systems

X-Pact® Advanced Thickness Control

Highest quality even during acceleration and deceleration

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X-Pact® Coiler Control

Technological control system to ensure best product quality and high process stability during strip winding on up- and down coilers.

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X-Pact® Mill Stand Control (TCS)

Technological Control System to ensure highest product quality (HGC, WRB, IRB, CVC®)

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X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®)

The system calculates the set-points per pass according to current process parameters and limitations

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X-Pact® Total Roll Gap Control (TRC®)

Roll-gap setting as a function of material properties and dimensions as well as current mill condition

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X-Shape Flatness Measurement and Control

Stand-alone measuring system for flatness control perfectly tailored to your process requirements.

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Product quality analyzer (PQA)

Solution for smooth process flow and constant high quality

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Upgrade Package Basic Automation

New state of the art hardware, latest development software

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Safeguarding plant lifetime

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X-Pact® Business Intelligence

Systematic analysis of data in an electronic form

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X-Pact® Condition Advisor

The transparent plant

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X-Pact® Drive

Low voltage frequency converter as integral part of X-Pact®

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X-Pact® Energy Advisor

Energy management for metallurgical plants and rolling mills

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X-Pact® MES 4.0

Production planning and scheduling for all production units in the plant

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X-Pact® Vision Mobile Operation

Easy access on process results - Full information and control everywhere

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X-Pact® Vision Operation and Visualization

Innovative HMI and new control station

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Coating technologies for rolling mills

Chrome is one of the hardest metals, with excellent corrosion resistance and a low frictional coefficient.

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Drive Systems

More reliability in the drive train due to Drive Systems provided by SMS group.

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Digital documentation: First step to a smart plant

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Equipment check

Regular inspections and maintenance form the basis for safeguarding the efficiency of your equipment.

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Genius CM

The Genius Condition Monitoring includes a modularly designed, permanent online monitoring system.

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High-torque spindle for rolling mills

The new Sieflex® HT gear-type self-aligning spindle is a key to greater rolling torques and forces.

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Long-term maintenance services

SMS group offers you the full range of services along the value chain, while you can focus entirely on your core competences.

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Maintenance tools - IMMS

The Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) guarantees effective and economical maintenance.

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Safety Locator

Protect your most valuable asset - your employees - with the SMS group Safety Locator!

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Service for X-Roll® Oil Bearing

X-Roll® Oil Bearing - An elementary part of modern rolling mill technology

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Smart Maintenance

Digitalize your maintenance with SMS group!

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WearComp® - A revolution in maintenance management

Grease lubrication is an expensive and time consuming affair. Components made from the patented compound material WearComp® are self-lubricating.

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Pickling Line Tandem Cold Mill of JSW Steel Ltd.



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